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Suuper Auto-Liquidity Manager

Auto Liquidity
Crypto liquidity pools are an essential element of the DeFi ecosystem. In their simplest form, a crypto liquidity pool is a bunch of digital currencies or tokens locked in a smart contract. These pools aid in facilitating decentralized trading to help lower the risk of slippage, among other functions.

What Does Liquidity Mean in Cryptocurrency?

Liquidity in cryptocurrency is how easy it is to convert your cryptocurrency to cash or another asset without impacting its price. This means that you can turn your cryptocurrency into a fair cash value quickly.
Cryptocurrency with high liquidity refers to one that you can easily buy and sell without impacting its price. Cryptocurrency with low liquidity refers to an asset that you cannot easily buy and sell or that would result in significant impacts on the cryptocurrency’s price.

How Does the Suuper Auto-Liquidity Manager (SALM) work ?

4% of the traded volume from the SUUPER/BNB pair is going an Auto-LP wallet. Our contract automatically injects this liquidity to the SUUPER/BNB LP pair, growing our overall liquidity every day, and helping stabilizing our price and reducing Buy/Sell's price impact.